AlSakhra Collection Date EggAlSakhra Collection Date Egg

AlSakhra Collection Date Egg

بيضة “شجرة نخيل الصّخرة”


The AlSakhra Date Egg is a tribute to the regal date palm tree – one of the four sacred trees in Islam, in addition to olive, fig, and pomegranate – and its fruit, the date.

Referred to as “Fruit of the Desert”, the date is believed to have been present in the Garden of Eden.

The fruit’s sweetness is the source of the reference to the Holy Land. With hundreds of varieties and varying degrees of sweetness, the date palm is unique in that each tree is either male or female, requiring both to create fruit – analogous to humans and other animals created by Allah.

Fashioned from ancient Jerusalem Stone, the egg has been handcrafted into a perfect geometrical shape, symbolic of the source of life and sustenance.

This one-of-a-kind work of art was inspired by the famous Fabergé Eggs, made with 18K Gold and 150 Diamonds.