Fabergé Egg style Fig Egg tribute to fig treeFabergé Egg style Fig Egg tribute to fig tree

AlSakhra Collection Fig Egg

The AlSakhra Fig Egg is a tribute to the fig tree – one of the four sacred trees in Islam, in addition to olive, date palm and pomegranate, and one of the seven blessed fruits native to the Holy Land since the time of the Bible.

The fig tree is believed to have been present in the Garden of Eden. It is written that Allah mentions the fig and the olive, to bring attention to the fruits’ nutritious benefits, as well as to alert to the importance of the blessed lands in which they grow. References to the fig tree in the Bible symbolize peace and safety.

Fashioned from ancient Jerusalem Stone, the egg has been handcrafted into a perfect geometrical shape, symbolic of the source of life and sustenance.

This one-of-a-kind work of art was inspired by the famous Fabergé Eggs, set with Gemstones – Peridot, Amathyst, and 98 Diamonds.