AlSakhra Collection Olive Egg Fabergé styleAlSakhra Collection Olive Egg Fabergé style

AlSakhra Collection Olive Egg

بيضة  “زيتون الصّخرة”

The AlSakhra Olive Egg celebrates the olive tree – among the sacred trees in Islam, in addition to date palm, pomegranate, and fig.

In Islam, the olive fruit symbolizes blessing, success, abundance, and prosperity. The olive branch symbolizes peace for all peoples, based upon the story of Noah, peace be upon him, when the dove returned to the ark carrying the olive branch in its beak, to herald the appearance of land, as the flood receded.

Fashioned from ancient Jerusalem Stone, the egg has been handcrafted into a perfect geometrical shape, symbolic of the source of life and sustenance.

This one-of-a-kind work of art was inspired by the famous Fabergé Eggs, set with 4 green Peridot, and 340 Black and Champagne Diamonds.