Teardrop-shaped pendant gold and diamondsTeardrop-shaped pendant gold and diamonds
Teardrop-shaped pendant and hear shaped pendantTeardrop-shaped pendant and hear shaped pendant

Tears of Reverence Pendant

سلسلةُ قطرات

The Tears of Reverence Pendant is a teardrop-shaped Jerusalem Stone in a gold frame set with diamond chips, and a single, teardrop-shaped diamond at the center set in gold. The beautiful teardrop pendant hangs from a diamond-studded gold clasp.

The teardrop is an expression of deep faith and love, gratitude and humility. Adorned in a necklace with these precious Earthly materials – Jerusalem Stone, gold and diamonds – one feels humbled before merciful Allah and infinite reverence in the presence of The Infuser of Faith.

Materials: Jerusalem Stone, 18kt. Gold, Diamonds